About My Alaska Payday


Who are we?

We are your neighbors to the north. At the same time, we are also local, with local managers and local staff from Anchorage, Alaska. More specifically, we came from Canada and are now exploring the rest of the world's short term lending markets. We seek to bring our knowledge and experience to bear on the Alaskan market and eventually the rest of the world.


What are you about?

We exist to fill a hole in the credit system that traditional lenders generally ignore. People often need small sums of money, but banks don't want to get involved because of the rates of interest that they charge. We're different because we focus on those small loans, which we can make because of the efficiencies that we have developed over the past 5 years as well as the rates which we charge.

Speed is another major part of our business. We deliver our funds much faster than regular lenders. This makes us highly attractive options as short term cash needs can't often wait for weeks to be settled.